Power of full engagement 

Geluisterd naar het boek The power of full engagement. Dit soort Engelstalige boeken kan ik als luisterboek veel beter te volgen dan het geschreven exemplaar. Hier enkele Engelstalige bevindingen:

  • Studies show that if you write down and determine when you will do things you have dramatic more chance to succeed.
  • It's never too late to change your brain for the better. It improves with use.
  • If you can't perform something when you are relaxed you can't do it under pressure. The less you have to think under pressure the better it is. 
  • Time passes on its own - you can’t really manage it. What you can manage is the energy you bring to those hours.
  • If you’re low on energy, it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of time to accomplish a task - you’ll be so exhausted that you’ll make very little progress. If you have a ton of energy, you can get many things done in very little time.
  • If you’re not being productive, take a break - a real break. Pretending to work does no one any good. Recharge your batteries, then go back to your work when you’re relaxed and refreshed.